Wedding inspiration for Men.


Hi, boys and girls.
I've showed you many times beautiful wedding dresses and accesories for women. 
But I think it's important for men to be good looking on the big day too. 
Autumn is a perfect season to get married. One day when my big day comes I know it will be in the autum.

I came accros this great tuxedo rental site called The Black Tux the other day. 
The Black Tux was founded in 2013 by two friends, Andrew and Patrick. After their experience renting for Andrew's wedding, they decided to explore different ways to improve the tuxedo rental process. They saw an opportunity to offer men an alternative to traditional tuxedo and suit rental outlets. 
They are renting perfect suits for men there. 
And that's not all, they offer a variety of accesorise.
The first thing that falls on my mind when someone says autumn is gold and red. 
You can see that was my inspiration when I was choosing the things that I like from The Black Tux site. 

If you are a lucky man and you are getting married soon and you want to look good I strongly recommend this site.


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